ODT International

ODT International provides high standards of international arts management and extensive range of services, such as the management & touring of artistes and dance companies; development and operation of dance/arts festivals; consulting advisory and event management work for artistes, arts institutions and corporations, and production of dance/arts projects. It has also presented the region’s emerging and most prolific companies & artistes.

Cultural Engagement & Partnership


DanzINC – International Dancers & Choreographers’ Residency Festival (September – November)

The biennial DanzINC – International Dancers & Choreographers’ Residency Festival returns for the 9th edition with distinctive and comprehensive programming across 3 months, focusing on collaboration, relationship-building and audience engagement with a strong message “Dancing Souls in Resonance V”. Aligned to ODT International’s values of Open, Drive and Transcend, 6 major platforms with several productions will showcase diverse works by reputable international dance companies and artists from various countries, and reaching out to extensive audiences.

Festival Platforms:

  • International Presentation & Residency
  • International Choreographers’ Platform
  • International Collaboration Platform
  • Singapore Choreographers’ Platform
  • Community & Youth Engagement Platform
  • Finale of DanzINC

Open call for DanzINC 2020 coming soon!

Xposition ‘O’ Contemporary Dance Fiesta (October – November)

The biennial Xposition ‘O’ Contemporary Dance Fiesta (XPO), an iconic Singapore International Contemporary Dance Festival, has wowed glocal audiences for its innovative, progressive and comprehensive programming that harnesses the effects of cultural diplomacy, building Singapore’s rapport with many countries and artists around the world. Since 2001, XPO has expanded its reach by presenting more than 40 global dance companies and 550 artists. The acclaimed works were presented at diverse small to large venues (including University Cultural Centre Hall), making arts accessible to all. The broad range of global dances has helped to realign the understanding of Contemporary Dance in Singapore and the world.

Festival Highlights:

  • Co-commission and Production of Local & International Works
  • International Collaboration Platform
  • Company Residencies
  • Promotion & Touring of Works
  • Cultural Exchange & Diplomacy

Open call for Xposition ‘O’ 2021 coming soon!

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  • Mentorship (Choreography / Directorship)
  • Residencies

  • Invitation & Commission
  • Consultancy