January 2019


Produced the biennial “10th Biennial Xposition ‘O’ Contemporary Fiesta (2018)” @ ODT Gem, Victoria Theatre, Aliwal Arts Centre & DanzPeople (Singapore), which celebrated “Cultural Diplomacy with the World!” and toured the festival to Vietnam from 21 October to 7 November 2019.

January 2018


Produced the biennial “8th DanzINC – International Dancers & Choreographer’s Residency Festival (2018)” @ ODT Gem, Victoria Theatre, Aliwal Arts Centre & UCC Theatre (Singapore); involving Bulgaria, Cambodia, Italy, South Korea, USA & Vietnam from 30 June to 10 November 2018, as part of ODT Ltd’s 20th Anniversary Celebrations.

March 2017


Produced ”GLOBAL DANCE IN UNISON IV” and celebrated cultural diplomacy with the world together with 50 global artistes involving 9 companies and 20 countries on 01-11 November 2017 at Victoria Theatre and Aliwal Arts Centre.

Completed a 6-cities’ tour in Italy, in partnership with 10 Italian dance companies such as Spellbound Contemporary Ballet (Rome), Equilibrio Dinamico Dance Company (Bari), DaCruDanceCompany (Rome), MM Contemporary Dance Company (Reggio Emilia) and MOTUS Dance Company (Siena).

March 2016


Produced The biennial DanzINC – International Dancers & Choreographer’s Residency Festival 2016 (7th edition).

With distinctive and comprehensive programming accross 6 months, focusing on collaboration, relationship-building and audience engagement with a strong message ”Dancing Souls in Resonance III”.

January 2015


Presented “Global Dance in Unison III” – 8th Biennial Xposition ‘O’ Contemporary Dance Fiesta on Tour to Italy, Singapore, Taiwan & Thailand.

Initiated the first P.E.T (Performance • Exhibition • Talks) in celebration of Singapore’s 50 years of independence at Victoria Theatre, with Guest-of-Honour Ms Grace Fu (Minister, Ministry of Culture, Community & Youths).

January 2014


Commissioned to provide artistic direction to Nanyang Polytechnic’s dance musical “ViVa!” with 400 performers at the Esplanade Theatre to critical acclaim.

Commissioned by the Singapore Biennale 2015 to present a site-specific work – “As We Live…” at Singapore Art Museum.

Toured to South Korea’s Seoul International Dance Festival and Gwangju Road Art Festival and Move Off Festival (Siena & Castelnuovo, Italy).

Held in partnership with The Embassy of the Republic of Korea and in association with the Korea Festival 2014. ODT produced the finale of the 6th DanzINC Festival – “Moments” (University Cultural Centre Hall). Performed by 8 international dance artistes with live music accompaniment by 10 ODT Associate Artistes (Music).

Completed a 3-year MOU with Korea Dance Association (Korea), resulting in 14 major productions. 14 works were showcased at 9 international festivals in Singapore & Korea.

January 2013


Produced 1 year choreographic mentorship programme for ODT’s 2nd generation of Singaporean Choreographers – Lo Pui Sze and Linnea Ong that led to the premiere of “The Art of Faking” which toured to 3 international dance festivals with a full Singaporean cast.

Presented a 3-month Xposition ‘O’ (2nd Singapore’s Dance Festival on Tour, “Global Souls in Unison II” in 6 cities, expanding its reach to 9000 audiences (Castelnuovo, Rome, Seoul, Siena, Singapore & Wuppertal).

January 2012


Continued its quest with an awe-inspiring 6-months DanzINC Festival, testifying ODT’s belief in engaging the audience with new precedent in International Strategic Programming.

Inked a 3-year Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Korea Dance Association (South Korea) & MOTUS Company (Italy) in May 2012, the first for a Singaporean dance organization.

Toured to Metro Art’s FreeRange Festival (Brisbane, Australia), South Korea’s Mulle International Festival and Korea National Dance Festival, Move Off Festival (Siena & Castelnuovo, Italy) and Bangkok International Dance Festival (Thailand).

January 2011


Toured to Wuppertal, Germany.

ODT celebrates its young company’s 10th anniversary – “Soaring Odyssey” with 60 strong performers (University Cultural Centre Hall).

Premiered a full-length “The Story Continues” at The Drama Centre as the finale of DanzINC 2010/2011, and performed by international cast from Singapore, South Korea and Germany with live music by String Quartet – Artsylum.

Toured “Global Souls in Unison”, the first Singapore Dance Festival on Tour – Xposition ‘O’ Contemporary Dance Fiesta to Seoul with 50 Singaporean performers. Held in partnership with the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Singapore, the finale of the Singapore season was graced by Ms Grace Fu (Former Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Information, Communication and the Arts).

ODT’s second generation of Singaporean choreographers produced many refreshing and dynamic works, such as “Silent Connexion” that toured internationally.

January 2009


ODT celebrated its 10th anniversary with “Red Tears”, a uniquely Singaporean production that investigates the 400 years old Teochew Opera with Contemporary Dance.

January 2008


Toured to Core Border Season of Expression Dance Company (Brisbane, Australia), South Korea’s Anseong Juksan International Arts Festival and Modern Dance Festival (MODAFE).

January 2007


First Company in Residence programme at ODT with Cathy Seago & Dancers (UK).

Toured to Municipal Theatre (Siena, Italy), Avignon Festival (France), Bates Glass State Dance Festival (Kentucky, USA).

January 2006


Commissioned by the Singapore Arts Festival “Providence” had toured to 8 countries across Asia, Europe & USA.

Toured to Yokohama Dance Collection (Japan), Edinburgh Festival Fringe (Scotland), Montenegro (Podgonca) and 20th World Congress of Dance (Athens).

January 2005


International collaboration and performance of “Synesthesia” by ODT and Seo Dong Hyun Dance Company with 14 international artistes performing (Singapore Indoor Stadium).

Toured to South Korea’s Seoul Int’l Crossover Improvisation Dance Festival and Busan International Beach Dance Festival and HIGH FEST Armenian International Theatre Festival.

January 2004


Produced the inaugural DanzINC – International Dancers & Choreographers’ Residency Festival (Daejeon, South Korea) with international cast from Austria, Malaysia, Singapore & South Korea.

Toured to Asian Dance Choreographers Festival, South Korea (Daejeon).

January 2003


Represented Singapore to tour Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Negeri Sembilan & Shah Alam – ASEAN FESTIVAL OF ARTS.

Co-presented “Passion. Love” with Singapore Arts Museum.

January 2002


Commissioned by The Esplanade to perform ‘The White Sensation’ at Esplanade Theatre.

January 2001


Commissioned by Seagate to produce the inaugural Xposition ‘O’ Contemporary Dance Fiesta with  more than 80 international artistes from Australia’s Expression Dance Company, Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts and ODT.


Residency at Hong Kong Academic of Performing Arts with Expression Dance Company, Australia (Brisbane).